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2012 Gatorback Winter Olympics ‘Mini O’s’ Right Around The Corner

The 2012 Gatorback Winter Olympics motocross races, held in Gainesville Florida, are rapidly approaching. Amateur motocross racers across the country are preparing for the prestigious event, hoping to make a statement by landing on the coveted podium. This year marks the events 41′st anniversary. Gatorback’s Winter Olympics, nicknamed the ‘Mini O’s', are one of only a handful of amateur motocross events in the world, that can possibly rival the prestige of the Loretta Lynn Amateur MX Nationals. Every year, for the entire week of Thanksgiving, hundreds of the worlds fastest amateur motocross racers show up at the historic Florida track to race hard and socialize with friends. It’s the kind of event that so accurately represents the backbone of American motocross. LIVE timing for the event can be found here:

Motocross is a family sport, and Gatorback’s Winter Olympics is all about family and racing. Racer’s gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, while racing on two separate pristine tracks. Three full days of supercross racing are followed by three full days of motocross racing. Young superstars battle it out in an attempt to become the “Olympiad Champion”. Just like Lorretta’s, a large majority of motocross legends first had to prove themselves at the Mini O’s. Industry heavyweight’s Thor and Pro Circuit headline sponsor this year’s 2012 event, while dozens of other company’s, including Chronic MX, participate at numerous different levels. Special awards such as the ‘Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe’, ‘Scott Golden Goggle’, ‘Dunlop Silver Tire’, ‘Fox Bronze Boot’, ‘Thor Copper Helmet’, and ‘the Asterisk Iron Man award’ are won by racers that have the best combined finishes in both motocross and supercross.

The motocross track, circling a huge rock quarry and lake, is arguably one of the most famous tracks in the entire state of Florida, second only to Daytona. Gatorback has a reputation for being extremely gnarly…loaded with knuckle crushing rocks, deep Florida sand, blue groove sections, long lap times, uphill doubles and an infamous drop off . As a matter of fact, Gatorback has been hosting high caliber motocross events for almost half a century, including running dozens of pro outdoor motocross nationals in the not-too-distant past.  An aerial shot during the Mini O’s, proves just how massive the event is, as the countryside’s cow pastures come alive via a fully self contained ”motocross village”.

Unlimited Sports MX, the event’s host, runs a race series named the Florida Gold Cup, just prior to the start of the Mini’O's. The Gold Cup series originated as an effort to help the hundreds of Mini O participants get fully dialed in for the prestigious Thanksgiving race. Unlimited Sports also holds a post race event, later on in January, named the ‘Florida Winter AM’s’. This year the Mini O supercross races will be held from Monday, November 19th, through Wednesday, November 21st. The motocross races will be held on Thursday, November 22nd, through Saturday November 24th. More info regarding the event can be found at Chronic MX will be track-side shooting videos, taking photos, and reporting on the event. Team Chronic MX will be rooting for our own sponsored amateur riders, such as standout hopeful’s RJ Hampshire, Scott Meshey, Darius Glover, and BPM’s Luke Davie… just to name a few. Please LIKE to get 2012 Mini O results, race recaps, updates, and to see killer videos and photos. Meanwhile, to get you in the mood for the upcoming 2012 Winter Olympics, check out this killer video of last year’s Mini O’s by talented videographer Jake Crumley. Cheers, Rocket 88.

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