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“Bar Buzz Kill”: An inexpensive solution to sore hands and arm pump

Billy Frank, owner of frank industries in Pennsylvania, is no stranger to developing unique products for the motocross community. Billy is an avid motocrosser himself, with a keen eye for rider demands. In 2010 he sent Chronic MX one of his Clear Advantage Visors, a see-through visor extension for mud and rock deflection, that was easily a hit in our camp. Recently, Billy sent us another one of his unique mx products, one that seems equally as ingenious. Bar Buzz Kill is a synthetic gel that is used as a filler inside of a dirt bike’s handlebars. Installed with a silicone gun, the gel uses “energy absorbing particles” that act as a platform for reducing vibration. By reducing handlebar vibration, arm pump, cramped fingers, and wrist fatigue can be greatly reduced. We have already seen the positive results from expensive anti-vibration handlebars…well, Bar Buzz Kill is the same school of thought. The product is manufactured by Permawick, who calls the gel Vibex…”vibration damping system”. We installed some Bar Buzz Kill into one of our team’s arsenal: a sweet 2009 YZ 250 two stroker, set up for gnarly off road racing. The Chronic MX team tested it out during a grueling GNCC style Florida hare scramble. The bike was already notorious for generating some pretty nasty arm pump because it is so incredibly quick, and at the same time makes a rider work! I must say, the Bar Buzz Kill worked really well for me. I still got some minor arm pump towards the end of the hare scramble, but nowhere near as bad as previous rides on the same bike. It was simple to install, and at such an inexpensive cost compared to other solutions, we all agreed that Bar Buzz Kill is a no brainer. Cheers, Rocket 88.

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