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Core Strength: A critical physical element in the demanding sport of Motocross

There is no doubt that motocross is an absolutely grueling sport on the human body. Many professional athlete trainers have compared motocross racing to professional soccer, and stated that it is easily one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Therefore, if you are truly serious about improving your riding skills on the race track…you’ll need to be in top physical condition too. Learning how to strengthen one’s core body strength is an extremely important training exercise. Core body strength plays a critical part in staying fast throughout your entire moto. As you grip your dirt bike with your legs, while staying off your bike’s seat, your body’s core strength is put to the test. We had a chance to chat about core strength with Stefy Bau, a world motocross champion who definitely knows a thing or two about winning and about training properly. Stefy teaches her motocross students numerous core body strength exercises during training at her world famous 211 International MX Schools ( Stefy shared this video from core performance with us, part of a series of videos that she uses at her school. Stefy follows these excersises step by step with her students. It’s certainly not as much fun as riding is, but it is a good start to doing proper training exercises…a critical element to seeing podium results. Cheers, rocket 88.

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