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dBPlugz Celebrates As Eli Tomac’s Phoenix Supercross Heat Race Victory Silences Motocross Ear Plug Critics

Mike Reali was all smiles at the 2012 Phoenix supercross as Eli Tomac removed a pair of ear plugs in front of a live worldwide television audience following his lites heat race victory. Mike owns dBPlugz, a company that specializes in high-end earplugs for motor-sports racers across the country. Tomac wore dBPlugz as an amateur motocross rider…wearing Mike’s custom ear plugs at the 2009 Gatorback Mini Olympic’s prior to turning Pro. Tomac’s victory continues to prove the motocross ear plug skeptics to be wrong. Tomac rode smooth and fast, clocking the fastest lap times for the second week in a row. He seemed to successfully have his rhythm down…focusing on the finish line, not other screaming bikes and fans. There is a strong debate as to whether ear plugs in motocross are a secret advantage or a handicap. Could ear plugs actually be a way to stay better focused while racing? WMX champion, Ashley Fiolek, can’t hear anything at all, yet has won more races than you can count…claiming that her hearing disability helps her to go really fast.  Some claim wearing ear plugs while riding a dirt bike is strange…yet others claim its a critical safety measure to protect one’s hearing from damaging sound decibels.

ChronicMX recently caught up with dBPlugz’s owner in an effort to further investigate the growing motocross ear plug movement. Mike believes ear plugs belong at the top of a rider’s safety gear list, along with neck braces and helmets. He states “one hundred percent of noise induced hearing loss is preventable…my plugs are for both safety and strategy”. A dBplugz booth can be found at nationwide industry conferences each year, as Mike promotes awareness on the hazards of loud noise exposure. Prior to starting dBPlugz, Mike was already a hearing industry expert, working with hundreds of hearing impaired patients. As an avid motocross enthusiast, Mike quickly saw the need to help educate and protect the motorsports industry, with a strong focus on the MX community. dBPlugz works with dozens of professional race teams on various motorsport circuits, including America’s Le Mans Series, Rolex Grand-Am Series, USAC, Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series and World of Outlaw Series. Mike recently partnered with nationally syndicated radio personality ‘Bubba The Love Sponge’, while also sponsoring numerous motocross teams and events, including Dade City MX’s upcoming Red Bull Championship Motocross series. The company’s product line has grown to include an assortment of telecommunication ear monitors, stereo ear phones, mono racing feeds, blue-tooth ear molds, digital noise blockers, and more. If you like hearing as much as you like winning…it’s probably a good time to give dBPlugz ( ) a call to see if the hearing protection can improve your lap times. Cheers, Rocket 88.

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