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Godspeed Jantz Grodzicki After Crash At 2012 Gatorback Mini’O's: RIP #96

As Chronic MX gathered at the starting gate for race number 28, to cheer for RJ Hampshire, one of our team riders in the 250B modified class… little did we know that it would be the last moto ever raced for a fellow competitor lined up just a few spots over, named Jantz Grodzicki. The starting gate was stacked with tremendous talent, and the sun glared across the rider’s bikes in the early afternoon’s beautiful crystal blue sky. Sadly, Jantz suffered a very hard crash soon following the start of the moto, on the far back section of Gatorback’s challenging and historic track.  The moto was ended short, after just 3 laps. Races were then halted for almost an hour, as medics treated Jantz track side.  An ere calm was in the air, as the entire venue silently watched on, as a life flight helicopter landed on the track and carried the injured rider up into the sky. Spectators commented that Jantz was unconscious following impact, and that he seemed unable to breath. Jantz was apparently unable to survive the injuries he sustained, and November 26th, 2012 marked his call to enter heaven’s gates.

It is simply impossible to be positive under such tragic news. Motocross is a family sport and no one likes to see a downed rider. In the end, we are all on the same team and one family’s pain is everyone’s pain. The silver lining however, is that the fallen rider left this world doing exactly what he loved best…racing motocross. Jantz was fortunate to be accomplishing what other rider’s could only dream of. Jantz was traveling the country, racing motocross, and chasing his goal of turning pro someday. He qualified for, and raced in, the 2012 Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals, a feat that only a select number of amateur racers across the country can even say that they have ever experienced. As a matter of fact, Jantz qualified and raced at Loretta’s in 2006, 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2012 Jantz raced in the Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C class, and finished top twenty.  He later raced in the prestigious 2012 Las Vegas Monster Energy Amateur All-Star Race, alongside legendary ‘up and coming’ stars such as Adam Cianciarulo, Cooper Webb, and Shane McElrath.  Jantz even had his own website: and was already backed by big name sponsors such as BTO Sports and FMF. Jantz’s profile states, “I race Amateur Motocross and travel the country to follow my dream of becoming a Pro MX/SX racer!”

Jantz Grodzicki
Jantz On One Of His Final Laps At Gatorback (Photo: Chronic MX)

In such a time of sadness and shock, I challenge the MX community to come together and celebrate Jantz’s life. RIP Jantz Grodzicki #96, we will see you in heaven ripping out on the track, and standing proud… up on the podium. Cheers, Chronic MX.

**UPDATE** Though there was a temporary small glimpse of hope, after some slight brain activity while still connected to life support, Chris Grodzicki, Jantz’s father, made this sad announcement late November 24th: “Unfortunately Jantz’ injuries are too severe to survive. He suffered a severed spinal cord at the base of his skull and it is improbable that he can recover. The body can not survive with this damage. The family will take him off life support in the next day or so. Godspeed #96!” 

Soon afterwards, Lisa Grodzicki, Jantz’s mother, shared the following message: “Jantz passed away peacefully today, November 26, 2012. He was surrounded by his immediate family and friends. Jantz will be forever remembered as a fierce Motocross competitor and for the warmth, kindness and amazing sense of humor he shared with everyone. Jantz is survived by his loving parents Chris and Lisa and 12 year old sister Jenna Reece. Our sincere prayers go out to the family in such difficult times.

Jantz On His Final Start In The Distance With Chronic MX’s Hampshire In View

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  • Jeremy Hubbard

    Please rest in peace bud. I will never be forgotten bud. Jantz you are a great friend and person

  • The Friedrich's

    We had been following the races at the Mini O’s via the on line live results, following some of our local riders with our riding club MAMA. One of the riders we were following was racing in this race & than we saw that the races had been halted due to a down rider, what we read later was heart breaking. Although we don’t know Jantz nor his family, motocross families are tied together by the passion & love of this sport. No words can ever take away the pain or sadness of losing such a young talented rider but may knowing he died doing what he loved doing most, motocross, give some peace to his departure on this earth. Our family sends their deepest condolences to Jantz’s family & friends. May he ride forever in the sky.

  • ron hart

    This is very sad to hear, anytime we lose a rider pro or up in coming rider it’s very hard on all of us .i can feel the sorrow that the family has this day are condolences go out to the family.

  • Ryan Patrick

    Rip #96


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