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James Bubba Stewart and Joe Gibbs JGR MX Racing team: A potentially solid match to chase the 2012 supercross title


Four months ago reported that Ryan Dungey was most likely headed to KTM…sure enough, we were right. Shortly afterwards, we started hearing gossip all over our Florida base camp that James Stewart was also planning a surprise team change in 2012, because of possible financial troubles of somesort within the San Manuel racing program. But where on earth would Bubba go? Well, initially rumors were all over the place, with gossip abound that Bubba was possibly headed to team factory Suzuki to work with legendary mechanic Mike Gooselar. That sure would have been an awesome combination. However, Mike Gooselar soon announced his surprise departure from factory team Suzuki due to the team’s ‘reorganization’. Gooselar shared exciting news that he would be wrenching for two two motorsports Chad Reed. Meanwhile, it became apparent that Yamaha most likely was not going to let Bubba out of his 2012 contract to ride anything other than blue bikes. So the Suzuki idea fizzled.  It was obvious though that Bubba was definitely in the midst of making a change when recently announcing that he would not be able to race in the Las Vegas Monster Million Cup. So turns out that Bubba is indeed making a race team change in 2012….but to where?

Well, any day we are expecting a possible announcement that James Bubba Stewart may be pairing up with the infamous Joe Gibbs racing team out of Mooresville, North Carolina. This would be great news and the change would make for yet another absolutely incredible supercross season in 2012, as Ryan Dungey and James Stewart turn up the heat and chase after 2011′s simply dominant team green rider, Ryan Villopoto. If announced, we’d expect JGR and Stewart to be an awesome team match up. James would get to honor his contract to remain on blue bikes in 2012, while at the same time teaming up with a very extensive and impressive team JGR, a professional east coast racing program… backed by infamous football coach and NASCAR team owner Joe Gibbs. JGRMX is actually run by Joe’s son Coy Gibbs, and there is nothing shy of ’top notch” when it comes to the motocross racing facility he runs. We are excited to hear this possible announcement soon and even more pumped to see how this will reflect on JS7′s results in 2012. Who knows, this change might be exactly what Bubba needed in order to get back his ‘mojo’ and show the world that he can indeed live up to his reputation as ‘the fastest dirt bike racer in the world’. Stay tuned…Cheers, Rocket 88

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