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Mike Schultz: Adaptive Motocross Racer And “Moto Knee” Pioneer

PRESS RELEASE – Premium synthetic lubricant manufacturer, Royal Purple, announced today that Mike “Monster” Schultz will be the subject of their second Outperformer mini-documentary series for the 2013 season. Schultz, a championship racer with an impressive list of wins under his belt, is a pioneer in the field of adaptive action sports.

The five minute documentary tells Schultz’ story, including the motivations that drove him to triumph following a devastating accident that took his leg. Inspiring others to return to extreme sports following potentially career ending injuries, Schultz became one of the best in his field, both as a racer and inventor. Chosen as Royal Purple’s latest “Outperformer”, the inventor and adaptive action sports pioneer is a championship motocross and snocross racer.

Following a lengthy recovery from a racing accident in 2008 resulting in an above-the-knee amputation, Schultz maintained a steadfast determination to be the best, vowing a return to his career of snowmobile and motocross racing. Unfortunately, existing prosthetic limbs couldn’t cope with the extreme forces, or offer the control needed to compete in sports like motocross and snocross to the level he needed.

Within months of his accident, Schultz started work to develop a revolutionary model for an artificial limb that relied on finely machined parts ordinarily used on downhill mountain bikes. He created a prosthesis that more accurately replicates the user’s missing limb and offers unparalleled control during even the most extreme of sports activities.

The Moto Knee resulted from this early work, and as chief tester, Schultz would refine the design as he recovered and prepared to return to racing. Based on the success of the Moto Knee, Shultz founded Biodapt Inc , a company specializing in performance prosthetics and adaptive equipment. His return to racing has already yielded five podium finishes and four wins at ESPN’s winter and summer X Games for adaptive Snocross and Supercross events.

“Mike Schultz is an incredible inspiration both on and off-track,” said Royal Purple marketing director, Randy Fisher. “His determination and ability to succeed in spite of what most would have deemed a career ending injury is why we feel Mike embodies what it means to Outperform.”

In addition to Schultz, Royal Purple profiled female drag and pro stock driver Nicole Lyons earlier this year as part of its Outperformer series. A third and final Outperformer will be announced later this year to conclude the 2013 series season.

We congratulate Schultz and all the other heroes in our sport that miraculously turn tragedy into opportunity, and we greatly respect companies like Royal Purple, who invest time and money in such inspirational athletes. Cheers Chronic MX.

Outperformer Mike Schultz
(Photo Credit: Royal Purple)

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  • Ambet Honeycutt

    My dad races dirt bikes through OCCRA. He has always done it for fun but is really good. He has his own heat and air business and went to a supply house to pick up some equipment. The forklift driver placed the equipment in the back of his truck and backed up. My dad was pushing it the rest of the way in. The forklift driver jumped of to go and help my dad and his shirt hit the throttle and got my dad from behind. It got 90% of his left leg. They tried to save it but They couldn’t. It has been 129 days since the accident and he is going strong. I now work with him learning the business and being his legs so he can still pay the bills. He is already walking without a chair, crutches, or a cane. I’m so proud of him. He also has rode for the first time without a leg. He couldn’t be more happy. He didn’t fall and went fast. His friends followed him with a camera. They put it on YouTube. It’s called Fred’s come back. With this story I just wanted to see if you can help him with information or support on riding without a leg. His name is Fred Floyd. His email is I would appreciate it so much. It means the world to my dad to ride. Any information will be great. Thank you for your time Amber


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