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Pro Motocross News: Josh Hansen Fired from Hart and Huntington

Hard to believe, but Josh Hansen, the so called rebel of Motocross, was recently fired from the Dodge / Hart and Huntington / Sycuan Casino Pro Motocross race team. This comes as quite a shock as Hart & Huntington has always portrayed a partying lifestyle within the sport… which was one of the many reasons Josh Hansen was hired as their number one rider. Watching the video above proves, Hansen was a great match for the rebel image. Carey Hart’s even once commented that his team consisted of ”a bunch of tattooed scumbags” during his Ink Rock Moto series. The other surprise comes from the fact that Hansen is extremely close to the Hart family. In 2009 the death of Anthony Hart, Cary Hart’s younger brother, caused Josh Hansen to withdrawal from the Supercross season for personal reasons, due to losing such a close friend. Anthony Hart was tragically killed while practicing for Doug Henry’s New England Grand Prix at Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut.

So why was Josh Hansen fired? Well rumors are abound that it was due to Hansen ridiculous actions last year at the Dutch Zwartecross race. Hansen came out riding his dirt bike half naked, as well as choosing to stop to drink what some people claimed to be a beer on the track (never confirmed). Many are wondering why all of a sudden Hart & Huntington is concerned about cleaning up their reputation, after working so hard to portray themselves as the tattooed bad boy team of motocross. In 2012, they proved that image was a breath of fresh air to the sometimes overly serious sport of Supercross, and the fans loved them for it. If you attended a Supercross race in 2012, the Hart and Huntington tent was without question the ‘fun’ place to be. Fans came to the team’s pit parties by the masses at every Supercross, due to their ‘alternative motocross lifestyle’ celebrations. Having a ‘good time and racing their dirt-bikes’ was their motto. You would have had a hard time to find a more laid back and giving team then the Hart and Huntington crew. That type of thinking also brought them some pretty big outside sponsors, while most privateer teams were struggling to get to the races or find any funding sources.

So… why all of a sudden is Hart and Huntington apparently cleaning up this ‘rebel’ reputation. No one knows yet, but speculation claims that it might have something to do with their new Factory Suzuki deal. Ricky Carmichael, the GOAT, could possibly be under the Hart and Huntington tent in 2013. Chronic MX has not yet confirmed if RC will be the manager of the team or not. There are also rumors abound of a possible signing of Chad Reed with this newly ‘reformed’ team in 2013. Kenny Watson, team manager of Hart and Huntington was asked about all the rumors flying around lately. Although he would not comment on why Hansen was fired with one year still left in his contract, and got somewhat frustrated whenever the question was brought up, he did comment that “the Chad Reed rumor is lukewarm”. The only comment Watson had about Hansen was “it is very upsetting and there will be a press release in the near future to explain his release”. Possibly the big corporate sponsors of Hart and Huntington, and all the money they bring to the table, has forced the recent changes that Carey Hart is implementing amongst his team for the future. Stay tuned to for the latest updates. Reporting for Chronic MX, I’m Charlie Bancheri!

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  • RD4Ever

    So bummed about the split up. One of the reasons I was a fan of H&H- I like Hanson and hope he gets a good ride for next year. Maybe Mitch will step up and put him on a 450 in replace of BT25

  • Jim

    Seems a bit hipocritical- With a reputation for the bad boy image- you fire a guy for being a bad boy? Hanny was a lways a good rider- but I never appreciated his commitment level. Most of us reading these sites would give our left nut to have a quarter of the talent that these guys possess, and when someone allows their career to wander off path seems riduclous.

    I bet Hanny will tell you that Hart has sold out and gone corporate.

    Lil Hanny should have had a more professional attitude like his dad did. But back in the day- they were just happy to make a living riding a dirt bike- they wern’t looking for the Rock n Roll lifestyle!
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Chronic MX

      Yup, we agree with your 2 cents. Meanwhile, Jason Lawrence certainly was the most unfortunate waste of talent in the last few years! Hanny still has a shot.


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