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Video: Renner Rips KTM’s New Electric “Freeride E” Motocross Bike

There is an underground trend happening right now in R&D departments across the globe within the sport of motocross. To many, that revolution is out right scary! The thought of replacing the heart pumping “thump” of a four stroke engine with the “silence” of an electric motor is less than appealing to hardcore Chronic MXer’s. Evolution, however, cannot be stopped. It is one of those things that is bitter sweet. The advancement in technology over the last several decades is nothing shy of incredible. Dirt bikes are now water cooled and lightweight, equipped with disc brakes, tremendous power, and spectacular suspension. Yet, that advancement in technology was painful for many mx loyalists. Twenty years ago, who would have known that the great sound of the two stroke “Braaap” would be nearly extinct at professional motocross venues, replaced by a starting gate of “thumpers”. Could we now be at the beginning of yet another new era that will soon emerge? Could we see another shift in the next decade or two…a shift from rapid fire four stroke valves to silent whizzing electric motors? Only time will tell.

Our friends at Network A recently produced this mx video of Pro FMX Rider Ronnie Renner, on one of the newest electric dirt bikes in the R&D garages. Renner visited KTM’s impressive headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria, to test their new electric prototype…the “Freeride E” electric dirt bike. With the flip of a switch Ronnie Renner and Steve Haughelstine quietly destroy KTM’s private track. Is this the future direction of electric motocross bikes? In the video, Renner pushes the Freeride E even further once he arrives at the famous X Bowl Arena track. Take a quick sneak peek, and see how this “whispering” Freeride E performs in some serious conditions. There is no doubt KTM is on the front lines of technology when it comes to dirt bike R&D. KTM’s four strokes are some of the best in class, as well as their incredibly evolving and well liked two stroke line up. It will be interesting to see where KTM goes with this new trend of the electric motor. Regardless, we are definitely not giving up our two strokes or thumpers anytime soon…at least not without a serious fight! Cheers, Chronic MX.


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