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Ricky Carmichael Joins Hart & Huntington As Team Manager Of New RCH Racing Team

Ricky Carmichael Joins Hart & Huntington As Team Manager Of  New RCH Racing Team. It was confirmed at the Las Vegas Monster Energy Cup that Ricky Carmichael, “The Greatest Of All Time”, would be joining forces with Carey Hart to create a new team named RCH Racing. Broc Tickle was chosen as the team’s lead rider and the RCH Racing team will be on Suzuki’s backed by title sponsor Dodge Automotive (Chrysler), along with Sycuan, Bel Ray, and Suzuki. More details are to be announced later next week, including information that Carmichael will actually ‘co-manage’ the team with Kenny Watson.

In 2011 Broc Tickle won the West Lites Championship Title for Mitch Payton’s winning Pro Circuit team. Unfortunately, following that championship win, Tickle seemed to struggle with lack luster results and was unable to continue his winning streak. Tickle however finally began building some strong momentum as the 2012 outdoor motocross season came to an end. Tickle started to show the same speed and talent that landed him on the top podium spot in 2011. Tickle ended his final race of the 2012 outdoor season on the podium at Lake Elsinore,  and ended with an impressive 5th overall finish in his first full year in the 450 class.

It will be very interesting to see how the new RCH Racing team does in the 2013 Supercross. Ricky Carmichael is no stranger to coaching, and has helped dozens of pro and amateur riders find their true speed. Carmichael has been running his RC University and will bring much wisdom to Broc Tickle and the entire RCH Racing Team. Carmichael raced the 2012 Loretta Lynn Championship and won the 25+ class with ease…proving that he still knows what it takes to win races. Carey Hart, owner of Hart & Huntington, has been extremely successful himself, especially in creating lucrative business deals within the industry, and in attracting big name sponsors to the sport.

On August 21, 2012 Chronic MX first mentioned the possibility of RC heading this direction, in our article about Josh Hansen’s release from H&H ( ). The interesting and powerful combination of talent between Carmichael, Hart, and Tickle just could lead to a few surprise victories in 2013. We will have to wait and see just how well the team does headed into a stacked lineup, but it will be tough to bet against such talent! Stay tuned to more about this story via . Cheers, Chronic MX.

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  • dude

    Tickle didn’t suffer from injury, and his results were plagued by multiple mechanical dnfs

  • Chronic MX

    Good Point ‘DUDE’! :) Thanks for catching that…you are right. We like Tickle and are pumped about his upcoming year. He’s been building momentum so hopefully he can carry that through. With so many riders injured in 2012 it’s a miracle he wasnt one of them. I’ll tell you though, the WHOOP MONSTER at MILLVILLE 2012 sure gave him a whooping lol.


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