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Could RJ Hampshire One Day Become A Motocross Legend?

Could RJ Hampshire one day become a motocross legend? Vince Lombardi once said that “winners are not born, they are made”. Well if that is the case, the Hampshire family sure knows how to “make” winners. RJ Hampshire, the youngest son in the family, is an extremely talented amateur motocross racer, with a very promising future in the sport. RJ is not the first Hampshire to frequent the podium. RJ’s dad, Ricky, possessed the same natural riding talent. Ricky Hampshire quickly became a pro motocross racer back in the 80′s, racing both the outdoor and supercross circuits with local friend and Floridian pro, Kenny Keylon. Unfortunately, parenting and financial responsibilities proved too challenging for Ricky, who abandoned his professional motocross career to be a father. Ricky’s parenting would prove to bring him right back into the motocross spotlight. Marissa, his first daughter, now aged 25, began riding at age 3. By age 16, Marissa turned a professional motocross racer herself. Marissa landed a coveted Factory Team Kawasaki ride, and won multiple pro WMX races. At one time, Marissa Hampshire was one of the fastest women motocross racers in the world… and eventually headed overseas with her father, to race in Japan. However, after signing on with Team DSY Yamaha to resume her pro MX racing career in the USA, Marissa suffered a severe knee injury, and slowly exited the pro WMX circuit, ending her racing career.

RJ Hampshire, now 16 years old, is the next ‘hopeful’ of the Hampshire family. RJ seems destined to follow in both his father’s and his sister’s footsteps, and could eventually go pro himself. Like his older sister Marissa, RJ started riding at a very young age. Within no time, RJ was winning races in the Pee Wee class at Loretta’s, standing on the podium alongside Cooper Webb. RJ moved onto 65′s, and then 85′s, with the same degree of success… banging bars with amateur motocross household names, like Adam Cianciarulo, Dalton Myers and Cody Chisholm. “When RJ is not sidelined with injury, you can pretty much guarantee him as a podium finisher” said Tom Stead of Fairway Golf & E Cars, one of RJ’s loyal sponsors. RJ is either winning or healing, but lately the prodigy has matured and is learning how to find his limits and stay healthy. “Serious injuries have hurt my earlier chances to make a name for myself.” RJ said. “But I feel better than ever now, my heads on straight… I am focused, and I believe I have finally found my groove to make it to the top. I am all about winning championships now, thats what everyone wants”. RJ’s latest results prove that he is for real and that he really could be headed for the big league. At this year’s 2012 Daytona Amateur Supercross, RJ astonished many, by winning both the 250B and the 450B classes. RJ is very fast at Daytona, and he won there in 2010 (schoolboy class), then got a 2nd in 2011, right behind Cooper Webb (schoolboy class). RJ is currently dominating out on the track, winning the Vortex Lites class at his home-track DCMX (Dade City), while also winning Florida’s Gold Cup races at both Gatorback and Reddick.

Loretta Lynn’s, the most important mx event for RJ to prove himself as an aspiring amateur racer, has unfortunately been unproductive for RJ in the past.  Bad luck and injury have kept him out of title contention there for years. In 2009 RJ suffered kidney and liver damage from a serious crash at DCMX, which prevented him from attending Loretta’s. A year later, a broken leg kept him out of the prestigious race in 2010, and yet again in 2011, a broken wrist caused him to be a ‘no show’ at Loretta’s. Finally, 2012 was RJ’s first year in a very long-time that he was able to both attend and finish a Loretta Lynn event. Severe blisters kept him just one spot off of the podium, as RJ finished with an impressive 4th overall in the schoolboy 2 class… proving that he can indeed possibly win a Loretta Lynn title very soon. We wouldn’t be surprised if 2013 might finally be RJ’s year to win a championship title at Loretta’s. A 2013 LL title would be great timing for the humble athlete. It’s exactly what he needs and would solidify his chance to land the key support he deserves, in order to take the Hampshire name back into the pro ranks. RJ’s family is very supportive of his racing efforts, as are his sponsors Enjoy, FMF, Oakley, Fly, TMFG designs, Vortex, and Fairway Golf & E Cars. is also a proud sponsor of RJ, as we look forward to seeing him on the podium at Gatorback’s upcoming 2012 Winter Olympic’s. Cheers, Chronic MX.

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  • Travis

    This kid is a class act , he is making a name for himself and I love watching him ride . You can bet he’s a title contender

  • Lisa Astringer

    Wow what to say after reading such a awesome article but this kid rides with his heart he is so smooth and when he rides he becomes one with the bike love to watch him he is a awesome kid and I hope he goes all the way with this he definitely deserves it !! He is also a great role model with the little kid’s my son Justin love’s him and when he is not riding he is teaching the little one’s at his home track ! Best of luck Rj <3

  • Jane Nemetz

    Keep reaching for your star RJ. Congrats! To All of you! God Bless

  • Patricia Adams ( Tuc's mom )

    You should be very happy you have parents that are behind you 100 %. I wished that my son ‘tuc’ would have had that… he just had me. Hi everyone in the Hampshire family. Sometimes I miss Fl. When it gets to 20 degrees. BURRRRRR


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